Contributions in New World Archaeology 12


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1) Archaeological geology and geography – Professor William I. Woods’s adventure with the human past – Radosław Palonka

2) The lay of the land: a political geography of an ancient Maya kingdom in West-Central Belize  – Christophe Helmke, Claire E. Ebert, Jaime J. Awe, and Julie A. Hoggarth

3) The origins and development of the cartographic tradition in the central Mexican highlands – Christophe Helmke, Jesper Nielsen, Ángel Iván Rivera Guzmán

4) The role of maize and the theoretical approaches of archaeology to the food resources in the ancient Maya culture – Michał Gilewski

5) La “personeidad” de la caguama: arte rupestre, paisaje y agencia en la costa central de Sonora, México – Silvina Vigliani

6) Athapaskan migration to the North American Southwest – Magdalena Lewandowska

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