Contributions in New World Archaeology 13 (tylko z innym produktem!!!)


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Stephen Houston, Thomas Garrison, Omar Alcover: Citadels and Surveillance: Conflictive Regions and Defensive Design in the Buenavista Citadels of Guatemala


Milan Kováč, Dmitri Beliaev, Jakub Špoták, Alexander Safronov: Uaxactun after the Conquest by Teotihuacanos as Told by the Mural from Palace B-XIII


Joanna Jabłońska: What do ceramics tell us about the contacts between the Maya and Teotihuacan? The Meaning and Social context of Teotihuacan-like ceramics in the Maya area and Maya-like ceramics at Teotihuacan in the Early Classic Period


Mary Kate Kelly: Political Domination and Linguistic Preferences in Ancient Maya Hieroglyphic Writing: A Case Study of Piedras Negras and Yaxchilan


Magnus Pharao Hansen, Christophe Helmke: Gold and Calques in Mesoamerica: Tracing the Introduction of Gold to Mesoamerica Through Linguistic Evidence


Rosa-Maria Worm Danbo: An Investigation of Shared Signs and Xenographs in Maya Writing

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