Contributions in New World Archaeology 14 (tylko z innym produktem!!!)


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Dora Maritza García Patzán: Vasijas no conquistadas. Patrones de continuidad de la cerámica maya


Mikkel Bøg Clemmensen: Didactics and cosmos: heaven and hell in the early colonial murals of Santa María Xoxoteco, Hidalgo, Mexico


Bruce Love: Chilam Balam “prophecies” and the Spanish invasion and occupation of Yucatan


Igor Vinogradov: Linguistic archaeology in the Poqomchi’- speaking area: tracing language contacts before and after the conquest


Harri Kettunen: New World words and things in the Old World: how the Americas conquered the world


Lorraine A. Williams-Beck: The peninsular Maya’s unfinished spiritual conquest

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